Neclace blue agate & lapis Arielle Creation

ARIELLE CREATION is a brand of lithotherapy jewelry for women, men and children.

  • Created in 2007 in Israel, Arielle Creation is a jewelry brand that offers jewelry for women, men and children. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, accessories ... Her designer works precious stones, Swarovski, pearls of China, pearls of rockery and created jewels 100% handmade.
  • You will not find two identical models: each jewel is unique.

More than a jewel: ARIELLE CREATION proposes to you to use the power of stones (lithotherapy) thanks to the jewels that you wear!

  • The lithotherapy is a gentle medicine using the energy of the Stones to rebalance and reharmonize the whole body. The benefits of stones and their virtues are therefore present in jewelry created according to needs in well-being.
  • Lithotherapy therefore consists in using stones whose properties make it possible in particular to relieve, heal and harmonize the chakras: Have you ever felt serene after a walk in the forest? The nature from which these fine stones are derived is there to bring us its benefits.

Arielle: stylist, jewelry designer, energy therapist, lithotherapist and therapist Reiki:

  • Former stylist-modelist in fashion for more than 15 years, the designer of jewelry Arielle Creation is also therapist of energies, lithotherapist and graduate in Reiki: she knows the energies, the virtues and the benefits of semi-precious stones, crystals And minerals for health and well-being. Arielle integrates them into her creations.
  • Since 2016, she also holds a degree in Reiki: a method of non-conventional care of Japanese origin, based on "energy" care by imposition of hands.