Lithotherapy is a gentle medicine using the energy of stones to rebalance and reharmonize the whole body.

Since the dawn of time, civilizations around the world have used the therapeutic properties of minerals that nature offers us:

  • The Egyptians used, for example, Lapis-Lazuli: they reduced it to powder and ingested it as medicinal treatments.
  • The Aztecs idolized the stones: they fashioned them into jewels and wore them in different parts of the body according to their various evils.
  • The Amerindians, on the other hand, saw in their stones a protective spirit. Thus they bore them immense respect.
  • In acupuncture, the Chinese reinforced the energy power of their needles by finishing them with a stone ball chosen according to the necessary vibratory properties.

Lithotherapy is an unconventional medicine that seeks to heal through crystals: amethyst, quartz, tiger eye, labradorite, aquamarine, ruby, turquoise, etc.

It considers that the crystals naturally emit a singular "resonance" or "vibration" capable of improving the well-being of the person in contact with him or in the vicinity.

citrine arielle creation

The virtues and beauty of stones.

Today, attracted by their beauty, more and more people buy stones mounted in jewelry. Arielle Creation's lithotherapy jewelry brand proposes to combine the virtues and benefits of stones with their natural beauty:

  • In addition to their spiritual and initiatory qualities, minerals, worn on themselves, interest today people who seek a certain well-being.
  • A stone in the hollow of your palm or carried in jewelry triggers a process of resonance vibratory, which will stimulate the organic minerals, palliant to possible malfunctions.
  • Each stone has its own vibration and penetrates its energy by activating our energetic doors, our chakras.
  • Depending on its crystalline structure, composition, color ... a stone has specific virtues that can help a part of our body to regulate and regain its functional balance.