The stones (precious as well as semi precious) contain an enormous power, an original energy and a pure radiance. Since the dawn of time, these facts have been recognized and are used to cure psychic and physical ills. Discover here the benefits and virtues of different stones:


    Stone of friendship, softness and well-being, Turquoise protects against accidents, physical aggressions, evil eye and negative energies.
    It brings strength and courage, and is always considered a Stone of Life and good fortune. Magical properties have been associated with it.
    Stone of calm and emotional balance, it promotes contact with others, softens skin problems, stomach pains, soothes insomnia.
    It facilitates oral and written communication.


    It is found mostly in Sri Lanka, Brazil, India.
    The Moonstone stimulates the feminine principle (yin) in body and mind.
    It has a therapeutic effect in the treatment of hormonal disorders in women.
    It stimulates intuition, sensitivity and femininity. It brings harmony and balance.


    Derived from the volcanic flows, the Lava Stone contains the energy of the purifying fire.
    It cleans and transforms us. It helps us to separate from the past and start on a good foundation.
    Reconstruction stone, it acts on the problems of the unconscious.
    It helps us to become more joyful and spontaneous.


    The Zirkon is a slightly transparent stone.
    Its transparency helps our energies to circulate well in our body.


    Jade is the stone of honesty linked to spiritual and earthly power.
    It brings moral justice in judgment, serenity and balance.
    This is the stone of negotiation and meditation.
    Jade gives us a sense of peace and harmony.


    The JASPE PICASSO helps to remain faithful to oneself.
    Promotes calcium metabolism, strengthens the large intestine and bones.
    It helps to recognize the essential and to carry out its dreams.


    The JASPE LANDSCAPE fortifies in case of prolonged effort.
    Stimulates the digestion, the immune system and the cleaning of the connective tissue: it thus attenuates the allergies and the hay fever.
    Helps to renew its attempts incessantly in case of failure.
    Resistance capacity.


    The JASPE LEOPARD promotes the balance between activity and rest with a deep and restful sleep.
    Stimulates digestion and elimination, helps in skin disorders and hardening of certain tissues.
    Clarifies what is to be done without new impulses.


  • The GREEN APATITE brings energy and helps after a severe exhaustion. It fosters momentum and change. Useful for people with communication and / or communication skills.
  • It helps to control appetite and promotes the energies of care and healing. It will be useful against decalcification, bone and dental.
  • Can be used to accelerate healing following a fracture.
  • Help against negativity.


    AGATE BLUE LACE stimulates the secretion of milk in lactating women, helps in case of sensitivities to meteorological variations, diabetes.
    It stimulates the thyroid, kidneys, bladder and alleviates diabetes. It protects against poisoning.
    Brings peace of mind, allows free expression. Quiet inside. Facilitates communication in all areas, helps to listen, understand and communicate. It helps fight irritability and aggressiveness and provides inner calm.
    Combats alcoholism.


    Soft stone, it brings peace, relaxation, serenity.
    Fortifies the liver, helps in case of infections, sore throat, burns, fever, cramps and menstrual disorders.
    Provides assistance for the development of the fetus or baby. Promotes the production of insulin and glucose in the blood. Prevents ulcers, diabetes and hypertension. Stimulates the liver and lowers blood pressure. Helps to overcome stress.
    Helps keep your head cool. Facilitates friendship and understanding. Can help heal a broken heart. Help in case of frequent mood changes.


    Stimulates the circulation of water in the body, not to create liquids but to drain them out of the body, empty them, circulate them, so it is an interesting stone in dieting.
    Effective against venereal diseases, to help when lack of calcium.
    It promotes charm, contact and dissolves heart wounds and negative emotions.